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 Custom Power Supplies

VxI Power Limited are experienced in high quality, custom power supply solutions. Proudly based upon our many years experience and excellence in power supply design, we have the technical expertise to create a power supply to exactly meet your requirements

Our scope of power conversion design excellence includes AC-DC products up to 1500 Watts, DC-DC Converters and combinations of both! Using a wide range of topologies together with specialist features and functionality, we can work in partnership with you to provide a total solution at a cost effective price.

Our custom design service offers OEMs maximum flexibility in their power requirements.

For technical queries and consultation, contact us today; we look forward to providing you with this, our flagship service and support.

Examples of Custom Power Supplies made for the following industries:

Audio/Video Networking

  • Power factor corrected
  • Single, Dual and Quad outputs
  • Eurocassette format
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • I2C communication
  • 400W output power over extended temperature range with no derating
  • Active current sharing for N+1 applications
  • Hot swap capabilities
  • Low power stand-by option

Specialist instrumentation

  • Universal AC input and 12V DC to 24V DC input
  • Multiple output rails
  • NiMH battery charger output
  • Very low output noise
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Status signals
  • Open frame construction
  • 30W output power
  • Extended temperature range



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